The Horror Manga Site is maintained by a single person. That’s me – David Peach. By day I work as a web developer and by evening I read and write about Horror Manga.

This all started when I noticed that I was writing more and more about this topic on my personal blog. I thought I would move those Horror Manga focussed posts over to their own dedicated website. And that’s what you see here today.

At the time of writing, I am still trying to find a comfortable publishing schedule that allows me enough time for the various aspects of this endeavour. This includes reading new manga stories, writing the posts, scheduling publish dates with reshares to social networks, and maintaining those social accounts too.

I welcome you to join me in my adventures into this exciting world of Horror Manga. I will be sharing my own findings, as well as look for recommendations in the dedicated Facebook Group. If you are interested in this subject too, you should consider joining the group. Just request to join and I will accept you as soon as I see the notification pop up.

Thanks for your time,