Fasting by Kazuo Umezu & Hisashi Eguchi

A ten-page story about a young girl bullied about her weight. After taking it upon herself to change her appearance, she discovers an urge she never knew she had.

Artist : Kazuo Umezu

Fasting by Kazuo Umezu & Hisashi Eguchi 23rd January 2018Leave a comment
Fasting by Kazuo Umezu & Hisashi Eguchi

What is the Fasting manga about?

Tomoko loses weight
Tomoko loses weight

Picking on somebody for any aspect of their appearance is disgusting. Tomoko is a school girl who has to put up with just that – in her case because of her weight. When a boy Tomoko likes – his name Akira – puts her down in public, she decides to put herself on a strict diet. She basically starves herself until she loses weight – enough to make herself happy.

One day she wakes to find that she has become slimmer and now walks out with a new-found confidence.

When she then crosses paths with that boy Akira from the beginning, things take a drastic turn. You could say that the boy gets his just desserts.

Short and sweet

Not one panel in this ten-page story is wasted. It gets into Tomoko’s story and its quick, violent resolution at break-neck pace. It’s nice when you can pick up a short story for those moments waiting for a bus or a train.

This was the first story I have read that was written by either of Fasting’s creators. From this short, sharp introduction, I will now be investigating both of their careers further.

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