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Junji Ito


Junji ito is perhaps one of the most well known, and highly respected horror mangaka in the history of the genre. Originally working as a dental technician, Ito has managed to bring his knowledge of anatomy into the manga he creates. This has resulting in some of the most fascinating, and original, body horror in horror manga.

His influences include writer H.P. Lovecraft and fellow mangaka Kazuo Umezu and Hideshi Hino.

Known for: Gyo: The Death-Stench Creeps, Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror, Tomie Collection

Published manga

Used Record

Story and Artwork by Junji Ito

A mysterious record has a hypnotic effect on those who hear it.

Hellstar Remina

Story and Artwork by Junji Ito

The story of a 16 year old girl and her cosmic connection to an approaching demonic star.

Army of One

Story and Artwork by Junji Ito

A spree of murders are occurring, with the victims being found sewn together

Black Paradox

Story and Artwork by Junji Ito

Four friends gain access to the spirit world through very strange means

Morita Hospital (Tomie part 2)

Story and Artwork by Junji Ito

Morita Hospital is the second issue in the Tomie Collection. We see her cross paths with a patient of the hospital, who also happens to be a love rival of hers.