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Horror Manga Reviews

Marionette Mansion

I won't lie - I have found this story harder to write about than most of the horror manga stories I have previously. Not because of anything I can put my finger on though. It is just a really weird story that seems to raise the question "Who is pulling the strings".


I think this may be the first horror manga story I have read, where the horror is presented primarily through its psychology. The main antagonist in this story is the unwanted change within Jun's brain. The brain slice that seems to be slowly causing him to lose himself.

Bug Boy

Despite the horrors he brings down on those who meet the pointy end of his tail, I found myself always drawn towards Sanpei's innocent centre, no matter how deep and hidden it became.

Junji Ito's Cat Diary - Yon and Mu

For all of it's added horror and creepiness, Junji Ito's Cat Diary has a lot of heart to it. It is obvious from this story that he and his wife have a great affection for them both.